How to Create Classification Groups with Togal.AI



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Table of Contents

Creating groups of classifications is simple within AI estimating software, Togal.AI.

Table of Contents

Creating Groups of Classifications

Additional Groups

Creating Groups of Classifications in Togal.AI

Within the project, right-click on the area to group. Select “edit classification” at the lower part of the pop-up box.

Create groups and add classifications to these groups. Select “Add Group” - the example below is named  “carpets.” 

Add classifications to the group by clicking “Add Classifications”. 

For example, input red carpets and select the color. Press “save” as shown below. 

Other groups can be added using the same method. 

Additional Groups

To add more groups, select “add group” and repeat the same process.

 The name for this example will be “tiles” with purple and orange classifications.

In the process of classifying the project, easily navigate using groups.

This tutorial demonstrated how to create classification groups within Togal.AI.  To learn more about how Togal.AI can integrate with your workflow, request a demo.

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