How to Classify Walls in Togal.AI



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Table of Contents

With AI estimating software, Togal.AI, you can automatically classify walls in your project. Here’s how you can do that.

Table of Contents

  1. Auto-Classifying Walls And Partitions
  2. Auto-Classifying Walls Simultaneously
  3. Example: Isolating the exterior walls

After you have imported your drawing, set its scale, and toggled it you will see the automatically generated:

  • Areas
  • Lines
  • Counts

Auto-Classifying Walls and Partitions

Initially the walls are classified as “none.” 

However with this new auto-classification feature, you can also automatically classify walls and partitions with just a few clicks. 

To do so, select any wall you want to classify by first left-clicking on it.

Then, right-click on it.

Then, you'll see a suggested classification generated by Togal AI models. 

It happens because our AI has been trained on hundreds of thousands of classified drawings. As a result, it can now identify wall classifications based on location relative to the adjacent spaces.

Auto-Classifying Walls Simultaneously

You can also auto-classify all walls at once. To do so, select all the walls by holding “shift” and drawing a window over the walls. 

Now, right click and press the “auto-classify” button inside the text box that will appear.

Here’s the result.

You can see that all the walls have been classified. 

Example: Isolating Exterior Walls

To show an example, I will isolate the exterior walls by holding “Ctrl” and clicking on the circle beside the exterior wall classification. 

Now, you can see all your exterior walls.

We hope this tutorial was helpful for you. Now, you can automatically classify walls in just a few seconds with Togal AI. To learn more about how Togal.AI can integrate with your workflow, request a demo.

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