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Togal.AI can help you expedite the bidding process by allowing contractors and subcontractors to submit bids faster than ever. It’s simple math - more bids increase your probability of winning more bids.
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Frequently Asked Questions

How can Togal.AI help increase estimator productivity?

Togal.AI can eliminate as much as 80% of the manual takeoff process, saving estimators a significant amount of time.

How can I start using Togal.AI?

It’s easy! Check out our pricing page to sign up today.

Does Togal.AI have an API?

Yes. Please contact us or book a demo for more info about our API.

How accurate is Togal.AI?

Togal.AI can automate project takeoffs with 98% accuracy. Our AI learns from corrections made and gets better over time.

What file types can I upload to Togal.AI?

Our AI can process almost any industry standard drawing format, including PDF, JPEG, PNG, and TIFF.

How much does Togal.AI cost?

Our pricing is outlined on our Pricing page. Take a look!

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