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The “Togal Button” has become my good friend

The automation of measuring separate areas on floor plans, with the ability to adjust and reclassify items if needed, saves hours of tedious clicking with the mouse. By quantifying these items automatically, we see the accurate costs of items that might have gone unknown. The Togal support team has been fantastic. They’re eager to implement specific functions that accommodate our unique needs in multifamily remodel projects. We can export information from the markups directly into our templates without needing to copy and paste line items excessively.

Craig Skinner

Pre-Construction Project Manager

ICON National

Togal.AI has automated the takeoff process and made our days much more efficient

My team has been utilizing the collaboration feature at Togal.AI and it has contributed greatly to our time savings. I am very impressed with the ease of use and innovative cloud-based features. Togal has automated the takeoff process for us and made our days much more efficient.

Mike Hurley

Estimating Executive & Chief Estimator

Clark Construction

Thanks to Togal, we can almost instantly inform those early decisions

As a preconstruction manager that has been in the business for over 50 years, I have always wrestled with the amount of time it takes to perform take-offs when preparing estimates. This time should be spent compiling bids, scoping, leveling and value engineering, which leads to a better understanding of the scope and cost of a project. This is especially important when it comes to preliminary or early estimates to help determine if we pursue the job or not, that “go”, “no-go” decision. Thanks to Togal, we can almost instantly perform a take-off and have a preliminary estimate to help inform those early decisions.

Les O'Bryan

Senior Vice President Estimating

Coastal Construction

Togal is a no brainer.

The accuracy of the takeoff is critical to an estimate. Togal greatly reduces the risk of error and adds hours back into my staff’s time. As manpower has become more costly, we need to be able to complete more in a less amount of time with the resources we have available to us. Togal is a no brainer.

Chris Christy

VP Estimating

Kaufman Lynn

Togal.AI will allow us to focus on more significant tasks

We have worked with most of the legacy estimating softwares available and are excited about new startups like Togal.AI that automates the takeoff process and improves efficiency. With today’s busy marketplace and tight labor force, our industry is forced to do more with less. Being able to rely on new technologies like Togal.AI will allow us to focus on more significant tasks like value engineering & pricing.

Patrick Mc Gowan


Mc Gowan Builders

Togal.AI has contributed to improved productivity

My team has used Togal for our projects and it has contributed to improved productivity. We seem to frequently encounter the necessity of measuring the areas and counting building items. My team is happier and less stressed. Togal is continuing evolving and I’m sure it will help us get the majority of the work done automatically.

Akira “Tommy” Tomisawa(富澤 明)

Project Manager

KBD Group

With Togal.AI, we get 90% of our take off done in a matter of minutes and not hours.

Togal has allowed our project managers and estimators to focus more on the details filling in the areas not shown on the plans and less on the brainless, mundane tasks of clicking each in and out corner of every room or hallway on the drawings. It is easy to use, innovative, and affordable. With Togal, we get 90% of our take off done in a matter of minutes and not hours.

Brad Brady


Total Flooring Contractors

This will drastically improve our efficiency

GT spends a tremendous amount of time and resources performing detailed take offs, and welcomes any new technology to speed up the process and improve the accuracy. Having used Togal.AI we believe this will drastically improve our efficiency.

Shaun Blackburn

Senior Director, Board Member

Gardiner & Theobald

How soon can we start using it?

We are excited to see that Togal.ai found a way to automate take-offs in a way that will allow our team to focus on scoping, pricing and value engineering. This could be the biggest innovation in estimating in my 20 years in the industry. Usually, when we demo software, there are a lot of pros and cons to consider. After demo of Togal.ai, the only question was, “how soon can we start using it?"

David Zorrilla

VP of Pre Construction Services

KAST Construction

Having Togal.AI is like having an assistant estimator.

Just as an experienced estimator would analyze plans and generate accurate takeoffs, Togal.AI seamlessly performs these tasks with unparalleled efficiency and accuracy. Togal.AI becomes your invaluable partner in achieving precision and excellence in construction estimation.

Scott Ward

Director of Business Development

Sweeney Restoration

Togal.AI has been a game-changer for our estimating processes.

Thanks to its AI algorithms, it consistently provides precise estimates, minimizing errors and ensuring we remain competitive in the market. This level of accuracy has saved us both time and money. The user interface is intuitive and user-friendly, making it easy for our team to adapt to the software quickly. We've seen a significant boost in productivity, allowing us to take on more projects without compromising on quality. The support and updates from the Togal.AI team have been outstanding. They are responsive to our needs and continuously enhance the software, ensuring it stays at the forefront of AI technology. We highly recommend Togal.AI to any construction or estimating professionals looking to elevate their capabilities with the power of AI.

Mike Dekeris

Director of Estimating

L&L Painting

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