Coastal Construction’s Miami Office Saves a Total of ~$1 Million in First Year Using Togal.AI

The Client

Coastal Construction Group has a rich history of building in South Florida for five generations and has grown to be one of the largest contractors in the Southeast. Coastal is a well-respected name in the industry, employing more than 400 people and serving a diverse range of clients in the commercial, hospitality, education, residential, mixed-use, interiors, worship and custom single family homes.


Over 20+ hours/week spent on manual estimation

The Coastal Construction estimator team

Coastal Construction has a team of eight estimators in their Miami office that are using Togal.AI.

Before Coastal Construction used AI estimating takeoff software, Togal.AI, the Coastal  Construction team spent about 50% of their time manually tracing, clicking and dragging lines on a set of plans to perform a takeoff using on-premise software. 

There are about 15 million construction estimators in the world who spend ~20 hours/week manually clicking to analyze plans and measure quantities.

These estimates continue through the entire life cycle of a construction job as revisions and price changes occur daily. 


Coastal Construction + Togal.AI

Togal.AI helped Coastal Construction estimators reduce the time needed to takeoff from 50% to 10%. 

Here’s how: 

  • Deep-Learning Technology - Togal.AI uses proprietary AI algorithms and machine learning to automatically detect, label, and measure project spaces, walls, and objects within seconds. Togal.AI also learned and improved from Coastal Construction’s previous drawing analyses.
  • 98% Time Savings -  With just a few clicks, Coastal Construction estimators were able to save 14.5 hours per plan set.
  • Instant Quantitative Analysis - Togal.AI was able to compare drawing versions and provide instant quantitative analysis of all changes or modifications.
  • 98% Accuracy in Takeoffs on floor plans - Coastal performed a self analysis of previous takeoffs and determined it was about 97% accurate while using manual take off software, but thanks to Togal.A, their accuracy has increased to 98% 
  • Cloud-Based Collaboration - Togal.AI enabled the Coastal  Construction team to simultaneously work and collaborate on a single project through the web-based platform, boosting their overall productivity. This also saved hours of uploading large plan sets.
  • Compatibility and Reliability - Togal.AI is compatible with any industry-standard drawing format including PDF, PNG, TIFF, and JPEG.
  • Availability - Togal.AI is accessible from any device with internet. Coastal Construction estimators were able to work on takeoffs and complete proposals from any location with ease which is particularly important for today’s more flexible work environment.
  • Easy Onboarding - Togal.AI simplified the workflow and increased Coastal Construction estimators productivity through its easy-to-use interface. 
  • Focus on Value-Generating Activities - With Togal.AI’s efficiency, the estimating team was able to shift their focus towards value-generating activities such as scoping, value engineering, and identifying the right trade partners.


Coastal Construction Review on Togal AI

Over $1 million in first-year savings due to time saved - 14.5 hours saved per plan set, 13,920 hours per year

With Togal.AI

Coastal’s estimators saved 14.5 hours per plan set with the use of automated takeoff, automated naming, sharing, uploading, and collaboration features.

Coastal’s estimators saved 14.5 hours per plan set with the use of automated takeoff, automated naming, sharing, uploading, and collaboration features.

By automating these repetitive tasks, they were able to bid on and win more work.

They averaged 10 bids per month for one office.

The team saved 1,160 hours per month or 13,920 hours per year. 

Bringing a total first year savings of ~ $1 MILLION

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