Set the Project Scale in Togal.AI



3 minutes
Table of Contents

With Togal.AI, set the project scale that is correct for the drawing. Here’s how:

Table of Contents

  1. Set the Project Scale
  2. Check the Accuracy

Set the Project Scale in Togal.AI

On the drawing page, select “scale” at the bottom left corner. 

Select the scale type that is correct for the drawing.

An additional option is to calibrate the scale or create a custom scale. 

For this drawing, the architectural scale is 3/32’= 1’0”.

Check the Accuracy

Close the scale window and select the measure tool by clicking on the “measure” icon or by pressing “D” on the keyboard. 

To check if the dimensions are correct, click at the point to start measuring. Next, select the end-point of the measurement. 

The measurement will show 15’0” if the scale is correctly calibrated for the drawing.

This tutorial showed how to set the scale for a drawing  in Togal.AI. To learn more about how Togal.AI can integrate with your workflow, request a demo.

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