Creating Classifications with Togal.AI

Creating classifications for a project is seamless with Togal.AI.
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With Togal.AI, creating classifications for a project is seamless. Read further to learn how. 

Table of Contents

Classifying Items 1

“Quantities” Panel 3

Applying Classifications to Other Areas 4

Applying Classifications to Multiple Areas 5

Classifying Items

Within a drawing, select the area line or object to classify. Right-click on it and select “create new classification”. 

Togal.AI provides the ability to::

  1. Name the classification
  2. Assign a color
  3. Choose the takeoff type - “area,” “line,” or “count” 

The example below shows the “area” selected. Click “Save” and the classification will be implemented. 

“Quantities” Panel

On the right side, a panel displays showing each classification and the number of items within each classification. Also shown are the total measurement size of these class items. 

Close the panel by clicking on the “Quantities” button at the top-right of the interface. Example shown below.

Applying Classification To Other Areas

To apply the same classification to other areas, right-click and select the option in the pop-up window. Recent suggestions will populate or navigate to the ungrouped section and select the correct classification. 

Applying Classifications to
Multiple Areas

Apply classifications to multiple areas at the same time by holding “shift” and drawing a window with the items to include. 

Next, right-click and choose the classification. 

To apply the same classification to the areas located on the different parts of the project, hold “shift” and left-click the areas.

This tutorial showed how to add classifications with Togal.AI.

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