Automatically Name Drawings in Togal.AI



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AI estimating software, Togal.AI, makes it easy to automatically name multiple drawings in seconds. Read further to learn more:

Upload the Drawings

Select Documents to be Named

- Selecting individual documents

- Selecting all documents

Select Areas for naming and numbering

Upload the Drawings

After creating a project, upload the drawings as shown below.

Choose the files to upload.

Import a combined file with multiple drawings inside it.

By clicking on the file, notice how multiple documents are displayed without proper naming. Here’s how to automatically name all drawings.

Select the Documents to be Named

Click the upload button and the documents will appear within 30 seconds. 

Select the individual documents that need to be named or click the “Select All” option to choose all documents. 

Select an Individual Document

Select All Documents

Press the naming tool button.

All documents uploaded to the set can be found on the left side.

Select Areas for Naming and Numbering

First, select the area where the name of the drawing is shown.

Then, select the area of the drawing where the sheet number is shown.

Once done, click apply.

The results will populate.

We hope this tutorial easily explained how to automatically name multiple drawings in seconds with Togal.AI. To learn more about how Togal.AI can integrate with your workflow, request a demo.

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