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In today’s busy marketplace and tight labor force, GCs are increasingly relying on technology to remain competitive.  

But, here’s the problem. Even with the rapid innovations, it still takes weeks to get the final price estimates for a single project - letting you spend around $66,816.00 per person annually just for the precon. 

Unfortunately, this delay is not only costly. It can also negatively impact your ability to win more work by: 

  • Making you appear less qualified than other bidders.
  • Hiding your submission among hundreds of other bids.
  • Reduce the number of bids you submit each year.

In this article, we’ll explore how Togal can help speed up your preconstruction workflow, so you can sharpen your competitive edge and win more bids. 

Increase Your Profit Margins with Togal.AI

There are two factors that stop you from running a competitive construction firm - the slow and costly precon process, and inaccurate estimates. 

Here’s how our deep-learning construction AI can help you solve them.

Speed up your Preconstruction Process

It’s estimated that GCs spend around $66,816.00 per person annually just for the precon. This is linked to the time-consuming takeoff process that takes weeks or months to complete - resulting in less competitive bids submitted annually.

Unfortunately, this is part of your business costs, and it’s what you stand to lose with an inefficient workflow.  That’s why we’ve built Togal.

With its AI-powered engine, your team can finish more layouts at speeds never before seen in the construction industry. As a result, you can remove extra overhead and cut down your precon cost.

This lets you offer more competitive prices, ultimately increasing your chances of winning more work. 

Get accurate estimates 

To run a profitable construction firm, you need to produce accurate estimates. Otherwise, you’ll be winning projects at the expense of losing money. 

This is especially true when bidding too low for high-scaled projects like malls and condominiums. In the worst-case scenario, you’ll be spending months working on unprofitable work. 

To prevent this, you must eliminate error-prone manual calculations and inaccurate takeoff tools. Togal can help. 

By interpreting drawings with 97% accuracy, you’ll consistently run profitable and predictable projects. With its deep-learning technology, you can produce estimates with high levels of accuracy - reducing the risks of cost overruns and losing money.

Focus on value-generating activities 

To increase your firm’s potential added revenue, it’s critical to shift your focus toward value-generating activities

Unfortunately, GCs and their team of seasoned estimators say they spend up to 60% of their time just doing takeoffs. While this process is critical to pricing a job, there’s minimal value generated from it. 

By allowing Togal to automate and complete takeoffs in seconds, your team can focus on scoping, value engineering, and identifying the right trade partners - potentially increasing your revenue long-term.

Compete against top construction firms with Togal.AI

With Togal, you’re not just getting a fully-equipped takeoff software. You’ll also experience our patented deep-learning construction AI - letting you optimize your precon and stay ahead of top GCs. Here’s how it works:

Finish takeoffs in seconds 

With just a few clicks, Togal can process your takeoffs in 3 - 10 seconds. That means, with this AI-powered construction technology, you’ll save 90 minutes per sheet while performing 80% faster takeoffs. 

Put hours back in the clock

Traditional takeoff methods require weeks to months to complete - letting you spend $66,816.00 per person annually. Togal.AI only costs $250/month, and by finishing takeoffs in seconds, it can put hours back to you and your team.

Compute your potential ROIs

Want to calculate your potential ROI when you use Togal for your takeoffs? Here’s our ROI calculator 

Reliable and accurate engine

Having a dedicated team of high-skilled specialists, you can always ensure that Togal’s engine is reliable and accurate.  

Simple and intuitive interface

With Togal.AI, takeoffs are as simple as doing a few clicks. Its simplicity makes it easy to integrate into your workflow - allowing you to quickly empower your estimators to maximum productivity.

Maximum security

Togal develops everything in-house, so you don’t need to worry about security. Your data is safe and protected inside Togal.

Deep-learning technology

Togal.AI goes far beyond automatically processing your takeoffs. It’s designed to get better the more your team uses it. For example, if your team labels a certain shape as “drywall”, Togal will remember it and classify similar shapes as “drywall” in the future. 

Work on your takeoffs anytime

Create progress with your bids even when you’re out in the field. Togal is accessible from any device - laptop, tablets, and phones. That means, for as long as you have internet and power, you can work on your takeoffs and finish your bids.

Effective collaborations with your team

Eliminate the stressful back and forth when confirming changes in your projects. Our AI-powered technology allows you and your team to work on the same project in real-time.

Custom demos 

Experience how Togal can help you finish takeoffs in seconds with 97% accuracy by booking a custom demo. A dedicated product manager will help you explore how easy it is to integrate Togal.AI into your workflow.

Experience Togal.AI’s Competitive Edge

While there are many ways this AI estimating software helps GCs and construction firms win projects, such as: 

  • Swift and accurate takeoffs
  • Increased workflow efficiency
  • Optimal team productivity
  • AI-powered technology that gets smarter on the job

It all boils down to Togal’s ability to help GCs submit accurate bids faster. When our deep-learning software helps you finish your takeoffs in seconds, you can submit bids faster than competitors - making you look more competent and keeping you top-of-mind against hundreds of other contractors.

By eliminating extra overhead and thousands of dollars in precon costs, you can now increase your profit margins and create more competitive bids that are sure to catch your prospect’s attention. This, together with the ability to send more bids annually, will be your edge against competing firms. 

Want to discover how Togal.AI can help you create more competitive bids? Book a demo with Togal today.