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Welcome to Togal.AI’s news roundup! In this recurring segment, we will highlight the latest news and developments on the deep-learning construction program, Togal.AI. For this month’s segment we’re highlighting the following reports:

  • Togal.AI celebrates trailblazer and COO, Karlie LaCroix during the 24th Annual Women in Construction Week
  • recognizes Togal CEO as one of the leaders in technology
  • Beck Technology and Togal.AI announce partnership and future integration of Togal.AI and DESTINI Estimator
  • Togal.AI wins First Place at the Emerge  Startup Competition with Kevin O’Leary and receives a $420,000 investment
  • Togal.AI speaks at 2022 PCEA’s Annual National Convention 

Keep up with the latest developments in the Togal.AI world of AI-powered construction technology by tuning in to this recurring segment.

Togal.AI Honors COO and Trailblazer, Karlie LaCroix

On the 24th Annual Women in Construction Week on March 6-12, 2022, Togal.AI celebrates its trailblazer and Chief Operating Officer, Karlie La Croix.

LaCroix is a founding member of Togal.AI, a tech company that uses A.I. to complete takeoffs faster and more accurately, revolutionizing the estimating process. 

According to  LaCroix, “It’s no secret that construction is a male-dominated field. At times it can be challenging, but most days I don’t even realize that this is the case because I am looked to and treated as an equal. I am grateful for my amazing organization and team of support that I have and hope to see more industries follow suit in having more women on the executive team.”

In addition to his COO duties at Togal.AI, LaCroix also spent 5 years as Business Development Administrator of Coastal Construction. Togal CEO, Patrick Murphy reported, “Karlie is breaking barriers in a male-dominated industry. She has been with us from the very beginning and has played a vital role to our company’s success. Togal is proud to have a number of strong, intelligent women working with us. We need to spotlight the success of women in the industry, not just during Women in Construction Week, but every week.”

This story is also featured in Contractor Supply Magazine, Florida Trend, and Real Estate Weekly. recognizes Togal.AI CEO as one of the leaders in technology


Giving recognition to Social Miami’s 2022 honorees

At an event sponsored by Patrón, acknowledged three tech leaders who are revolutionizing their industries with tech innovation.  The event was held at Bodega Taqueria and Tequila’s private space on Miami Beach. 

Brett Graff, Social Miami’s editor-in-chief gave appreciation to 2022 honorees who are: 

  • Cryptocurrency expert and venture fund Founder, Eryka Gemma
  • Finance Demystified Founder, Dominique Broadway
  • Togal.AI Founder, Congressman Patrick Murphy

These selected leaders, including Togal.AI founder Congressman Patrick Murphy, were recognized for developing technologies and programs to advance their respective fields.

Graff also interviewed Murphy on how through technology, blueprints can be created with greater efficiency and increased accuracy. 

How Togal.AI was Developed

Murphy reported that the biggest component of their overhead was the estimating department. Fifty percent of their time was spent on the square foot analysis and measuring each room of a house they were building. These tasks were all 100% manually done with a ruler or with a computer. They found a great use for artificial intelligence. 

Hence, they developed Togal.AI. Now, what used to take four to five days can be done in seconds. At first, they thought it’d be great for competitive advantage to keep the technology inside Coastal Construction, the largest general contractor in Florida in which Murphy is the Executive Vice President. Then, they realized this deep-learning AI can apply to every construction company in the world, so they released it to the public.

Challenges of the Process

According to Murphy, one of the challenges that he encountered was people being resistant to applications that can replace human jobs. They had to constantly demonstrate the value of the technology. For example:

  • Instead of manually drawing and coloring, users can spend time on higher-value tasks. 
  • Saving money in the company means saving real money for the client and becoming more competitive. 

Murphy on entering the space for new technology 

Murphy reports that he couldn’t write code or do algorithms, but he used a company that put together a tech team for him. He also reported that there are product managers who can understand what you’re building, outline the roadmap, and present candidates for each position. Now, they pay people directly, and these people have equity in the business.  

This story is also featured on SocialMiami’s site. To learn how AI-estimating software, Togal.AI, can integrate with your workflow, request a demo here.

Beck Technology and Togal.AI Announce Partnership

Togal.AI, a machine-learning takeoff software, and Beck Technology, a preconstruction data software company have formed a partnership. This is the first phase of the future integration between Togal.AI and Beck’s DESTINI Estimator that will occur sometime in 2022.

With this partnership, they’re going to continue speeding up quality 2D takeoffs while building a construction estimate. 

Togal.AI can interpret plans with a minimum of 97% accuracy within AIA measurement standards and machine-learning technology.  Beck Technology plans to integrate this efficient workflow into the DESTINI Estimator to help precon professionals spend less time on manual takeoffs and more time on high-value activities like data analysis and “what-if” calculations. The partnership paves the way for the reduction of takeoff tasks by as much as 90%. 

According to Stewart Carroll, President at Beck Technology, “Artificial intelligence is not new to the construction industry but the way Togal.AI has applied AI to takeoff is truly innovative and adds enormous value.”

This story is also featured on AiThority, Businesswire, and Connect World.

Togal.AI Wins First Place at eMerge Americas Startup Showcase with Kevin O’Leary and Receives $420,000 Investment

Togal.AI uses machine learning to calculate plans, label walls, and update construction blueprints. As a result, this AI estimating software can reduce weeks of work into seconds - making a huge impact in speeding up the building process. 

Togal Founder and CEO Patrick Murphy pitched the vision in front of celebrity judges, including “Shark Tank” personality Kevin O’Leary, Panoramic Ventures Managing Partner Paul Judge, Florida Funders Chief Investment Officer Ryan Whittemore, and Staci Warden, The Algorand Foundation CEO.

After competing against thousands of startups worldwide including: 

  • Cera, a Davie based public safety start-up
  • TicketRev, a Boca Raton based event ticket selling platform
  • Genially, a tool that helps users build interactive digital content

Togal.AI won at the eMerge Americas Startup Showcase and received $420,000 in investment. Murphy announces, “Getting validation from a Shark Tank judge is not only cool, but a sign that Togal.AI is worth investing in.” 

eMerge Americas was founded with the mission of building South Florida into the tech hub of the Americas. It’s also a celebration of how far Miami has come as a tech hub. The event featured 250+ speakers including fashion entrepreneur and tennis legend, Serena Williams, and managing partner of Panoramic Ventures, Paul Judge.

This story is also featured in Florida Trend, Spot On Florida, CityBiz, Refresh Miami, South Florida Business Journal, Florida Construction News, Babson Thought & Action, and ENR.

Togal.AI speaks at 2022 PCEA’s National Annual Convention 

Togal.AI’s Head of Product Development, Johnny Maghzal, spoke at the annual national conference for PCEA, an event held in Downtown Greenville, SC on April 20-24, 2022. 

His presentation focused on how Togal.AI is working to advance and innovate the estimating industry in construction. The attendees were the industry-related students of Greenville Tech.

PCEA is known as the Professional Construction Estimators Association of America, Inc. The organization’s focus is on advancing the recognition of construction estimating as a professional field within the construction industry.

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