Top 8 Interior Wall Framing Cost Calculators for Estimators and General Contractors



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To submit accurate bids, general contractors and estimators need to equip themselves with reliable cost calculators. This is especially true for identifying the cost to build a house and the cost for large-scale projects such as malls and condos. 

Cost calculators are used to identifying the costs of installing carpets, drywalls, floorings, and more. For this article, we’ll focus on interior wall framing. Wall framing consists of studs, footer, upper wall plates, and headers. A reliable framing calculator can help you estimate the cost by having you provide the measurement and quantity of these elements. 

In this article, we will review eight cost calculators for interior wall framing. Additionally, we'll discuss the installation of interior wall framing and list the factors that may influence its cost.

  1. Interior Wall Framing Cost Calculator by Homewyse
Cost to Frame Interior Wall

Homewyse is a fact-based website that serves as an independent reference for home repairs, maintenance, installation, and service estimates. With the use of a few metrics, Homewyse helps users provide accurate pricing calculations to their customers.

Because the location of the project impacts the interior wall framing cost, the Homewyse calculator enables users to input the zip code and square feet. They also allow users to include other factors that contribute to the cost such as:

  • Labor Fees
  • Job Supplies
  • Equipment Allowance
  • Removal of Non-Load Bearing Wall
  • Disposal of the Framed Wall Debris

They provide low-end and high-end calculations for each factor and the total cost. They also include the calculation for the average cost per square foot.

  1. Interior Wall Framing Cost Calculator by Omni Calculator
Omni Calculator

Omni Calculator is a Polish startup that provides thousands of custom-built calculators that help solve real-life problems from various fields. Some of their calculators specifically help with biology, chemistry, conversions, physics, statistics, and so much more. At present, they have more than a hundred calculators that are relevant in the construction industry. Thus, they can help in calculating the cost to frame and drywall a room, the cost to buy cement, and more.

The framing calculator by Omni Calculator helps users to perform any stud calculations efficiently. The site provides data on how many pieces you will need and how much they will cost. 

To identify how many pieces of studs are needed, all you need to provide are the following values: 

  • The length of the wall
  • The stud (on-center) spacing

Note that the OC spacing means the distance between the centers of two adjacent studs. Typically, the value of the OC stud spacing is either 16, 19.2, or 24 inches.

Furthermore, to identify the cost, you’ll also need to provide the following values:

  • The current price per stud
  • The estimated waste percentage. 

Typically, the value of the estimated waste is 15%. But, you can customize the value to fit your specifications.

  1. Interior Wall Framing Cost Calculator by Porch
Cost Calculator

Porch is a home services platform that connects homeowners with reliable and high-quality home improvement, maintenance, and repair professionals. At present, the company is involved with approximately 2 out of every 3 U.S. homebuyers every month.

The interior wall framing cost calculator by Porch is similar in design to Homewyse. To get the calculation, you need to provide the zip code of your location and the square footage of the framing project. 

There is also an option to include the following factors in the calculation:

  • Basic Framed Wall Labor
  • Job Supplies
  • Equipment Allowance
  • Framed Wall Debris Disposal
  • Removal of Non-Load-Bearing Wall

You will be provided with the cost for each factor at the low and high end, range per square foot, as well as the range for the overall project. 

Cost Estimate

The site also plots the resulting cost estimate in comparison with the national average range as shown in the picture above. 

  1. Cost to Frame a House by HomeAdvisor
Framing Cost Calculator

HomeAdvisor, powered by Angi, is a digital marketplace that helps homeowners find and book top-rated local home services for projects like remodels, air conditioning installation, woodwork, and more. All you need to do is provide the location and a few specifications of the project, and you’ll be connected to a reliable service provider.

Their cost calculator is not as detailed as the previous cost calculators. But, they do provide the national average cost, typical range, low-end costs, and high-end costs of the framing cost depending on the ZIP code.

  1. Calculator for Stud-Framed Walls by Builder’s Calculator
Builder's Calculator

Builder’s Calculator was built by an engineer who also owned and operated his carpentry and landscaping business for a few years. The site was designed to help other builders with the mathematical aspects of building and construction. It provides tools and calculators for various purposes such as identifying plywood height, determining the wall R-value for wood-framed walls, lumber weight, volume calculator, and more. 

Builder’s Calculator is not necessarily for interior walls, but it may still help in calculating the framing costs. While it focuses on stud-framed walls, the calculator assumes that the wall being built fits the following specifications:

  • A single-story exterior wall
  • Continuously sheathed
  • Has sheathing that extends from 1″ below the bottom of the sill plate to the top of the top plate

To use this calculator, the user is required to specify the goal of the calculation, whether to calculate the number of studs and the top or bottom plates, calculate the number of sheets of plywood, or calculate the board footage. 

The user also needs to identify the number of studs that will be used at the ends of the wall, along with the measurements of the wall length, wall height, and stud spacing.

Builder’s Calculator

Once all the required information is submitted, the calculator will then display the following results:

  • Number of studs
  • The finished length of studs
  • Wall square footage
  • Lumber needed for top plates
  • Lumber needed for bottom plates
  1. Stud Wall Framing Calculator by Spike’s Calculators
Spike's Calculator

Spike’s Calculators provide calculations for various fields such as forestry, agriculture, landscaping, and more. They also provide various construction calculators that help calculate measurements and costs of concrete, excavation, roofing, siding, cladding, and framing. 

To use this calculator, the following information needs to be provided:

  • The length of the wall in feet and inches
  • The “on center” spacing of the studs
  • The number of corners needed for the wall
  • The cost per lineal foot for the plate material
  • The cost of one stud

Once all required information is provided, the calculator will calculate the number of studs, the amount of plate material in lineal feet, and the cost of materials for the wall.

  1. Framing Costs Calculator by BuildBook
BuildBook's Calculator

BuildBook is a construction management software designed for residential custom home builders and remodelers that want to run better projects and improve client and team communications.

The BuildBook cost calculator is designed to calculate the cost and amount of lumber needed to frame a single wall with speed and ease. The calculator factors in the following information:

  • Length of the wall in feet
  • The distance between studs in inches
  • The number of studs at wall ends
  • Specify if the top and bottom plates are included
  • The cost per stud
  • Estimated waste percentage

What’s unique about this calculator is that the user doesn’t need to press a button. Every change in the numbers inputted automatically updates the number of studs needed and the total cost.

  1. Wall Framing Calculator by Blocklayer
Blocklayer's Calculator

Blocklayer provides multiple calculator apps for home improvement remodeling construction and renovation. They have calculators that can be used in building stairs, roofing, decks, carpentry, woodworking, fences, gazebos, concrete and more.

What is unique about the Blocklayer calculator is that it has slider controls. It also displays a diagram depending on the data or measurements provided. If you drag each slider back and forth, you’ll see that it recalculates the results, and redraws the diagram as shown below. 

The site lets users save their calculations and display them in a drop-down located in the right margin on larger screens. For small screen devices, the saved calculations can be accessed in the footer. There is also an option to turn diagrams into PDF documents and to print an entire page.

Factors that Impact the Costs of Interior Wall Framing 

To identify the cost to build a wall per foot, let alone determine the cost of its framing, there are various factors that an estimator needs to consider. 

Wall Size

The cost to build an interior wall frame is largely influenced by its dimensions: thickness, length, and height. This is because the wall size impacts the quantity of materials and labor time required to complete the wall framing.

Framing Type

The cost of the framing will depend on its type. For example, wood prices are around $1 to $5 per square foot. On the other hand, metal framing can cost $2 to $4 per square foot.

Windows and Doors

To add windows and doors, the studs that support the interior wall structure must be taken out, and the weight must be redistributed to make room for each opening. Because of this, the framing cost will increase with every window or door added to a wall. 

Materials Used

The interior walls are often constructed of wood, plaster, drywall, insulation, and steel. Depending on the materials used, the final cost of framing and building the wall can vary.

How much does it cost to frame and drywall a room? 

The cost of interior walls framed with drywall can range between $20 to $30 per linear foot. However, this estimate does not include other costs such as drywall screws, joint compound, and joint tape.

How much does it cost to use glass?

A tempered glass wall can cost between $25 and $75 per square foot. Labor costs for installation can range from $35 to $150 per hour.


Most calculators require users to input the ZIP code before providing the calculations of the framing cost. This is because the price per stud and other necessary materials can vary depending on the location of the project. Inflation rates can also vary depending on the state or country.

Final Words 

To avoid cost overruns and submit accurate cost estimates, general contractors and their team of estimators need to equip themselves with reliable cost calculators. The tool can be advantageous, especially when identifying the cost of drywall installation, floorings, pouring of cement, and more. For this article, the focus was on calculators that determine the cost of interior framings. We’ve also identified that various factors like the site location, wall size, and materials can also impact the final cost of the interior wall framing.

Unfortunately, to submit accurate cost estimates, especially for large-scale projects like malls and condos, it’s not enough to use calculators.

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