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Building plans are a set of drawings or any graphical representation that shows how a building would look during and after construction. It consists of site plans, floor plans, elevations, and even electrical and plumbing layouts. Builders and contractors use these plans as construction guides and to also estimate construction costs. Through this, project managers know that having a building plan can save them time and money. 

Another way for contractors and project builders to save time and money is by using AI estimating software. This software uses powerful artificial intelligence algorithms that help speed up the design process, de-risking the construction and improving the estimations that will help make every project a success.

By having a building plan coupled with the power of AI estimating software, you can have maximum productivity, improved safety, and better resource procurement. 

Disclaimer: The pricing stated here is based on average data from third-party research. Prices may still vary due to differences in seasonality and supplier.

What are multi-unit buildings?

Multi-unit building
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A multi-unit building is a single residential property that contains more than one housing unit, like an apartment complex. They are also usually characterized by having connected or shared walls and can be developed at different heights and densities. 

It is an excellent option for close-knit families who wish to live together but are in their own, separate units. It’s also beneficial for investors and business owners who want to maximize their ROIs by either renting out or selling a unit. 

For example, acquiring multi-family housing, like a 100-unit apartment building, will be a lot easier than purchasing 100 single-family homes. Owning a 20 unit apartment will also produce more monthly income and will have more flexibility in outsourcing property management services. 

Builders and contractors who develop these kinds of housing usually face a lot of construction hurdles. Multi-unit housings are equipped with all of the features and amenities of a typical home. The difference is that it has a shared pillar, roof, water. electricity utility, and a lot more. Hence, building plans are more than necessary for both contractors and clients alike.

In this article, we have compiled the best 20 units apartment building plans and bonus floor plans for 12, 30, 50, and 60 units - for you to benchmark and take inspiration from.

1. 20 Unit Apartment Building Plans for Multifamily Housing and Commercial Block

Building Plans for Multifamily Housing and Commercial Block

Building Description:

There is no place made for grabbing professionally-touched architectural designs than ArchDaily.  ArchDaily is a network of architects who broadcast architectural trends, designs, and products. It is a platform where the most important information on architecture is used to shape and design a modern world. 

Building Details:

The architecture of this building plan is laid out around a central core which allows every room to face toward the facade where the building services are connected. 

This building plan from ArchDaily has 20 individual housing units on six floors. The ground floor has three spaces for commercial premises while the building’s underground level caters to 31 parking lots and 20 storage rooms. 

The walls are made of thin, perforated skin and a translucent veil that protects tenants from harmful UV rays and ensures their privacy while also improving the aesthetics of the building. Meanwhile, the balconies can be seen from side-to-side outside the building. However, when viewed from a corner room, the balconies surprisingly seem to disappear over each side. 

Best For: 

This type of building is best for developers who want to focus on energy-efficient designs. Because of its translucent wall panels, the heat inside the building is well-regulated. It also allows for soft light to come in without the unpleasant glare directly from the sun. Through this, occupants can work at their desks under natural light without having to suffer from an irritating brightness. Additionally, this adds a significant interior appearance and a warm feel to the inside of the building. 

Link to the 20 Unit Apartment for Multifamily Housing and Commercial Block Building Plans:

2. 3-Story 24 Unit Apartment Building Plans

3-Story 24 Unit Apartment Building Plans

Building Description:

Another 20 unit apartment building plan is this three-story blueprint from Stockton Design. Stockton Design positions itself as the best quality home, multi-family, and commercial design supplier. They have been in business for over 25 years and have been offering a wide selection of building plans. Whether it is from their diverse stock home plan collection or a custom/remodel design, they offer products touched with a pleasing architectural feel balanced with a realistic construction process. 

Building Details:

This specific floor plan has a similar layout for the second and third floors with a 948 square foot area per unit. There are eight units per floor and the units are connected by a breezeway passage. The stairs are also located at the end of the breezeway. 

Additionally, this building plan has sixteen balconies on each floor, and the corner balcony is shared by the bedrooms.  Each unit has two bedrooms, two baths, and a kitchen space.  It also has a “mess hall” or the Great Room which has a balcony. 

Best For:

Apartments with breezeways are popular. A breezeway is a corridor that connects one building to another.  It is typically covered with a roof and open on each side to allow the wind to pass through while still protecting the tenants from the weather.

This building plan is for those who would like to have a well-ventilated outdoor space where they can gather together. Usually, only large apartment buildings with multiple units will have breezeways. While a 24-unit is considered to be relatively medium-saved, this design from Stockton still pulled it off. 

Link To Other Apartment Building Plan With Breezeways:

3. 24-Unit Apartment Building Floor Plans 

24-Unit Apartment Building Floor Plans

Building Description

Similar to the 3-story 24 unit building plan from above, this floor plan was also made by Stockton Design. These 3-story apartments are considered low-rise buildings and have fewer occupants. These are common types of apartments and usually offer a low, negotiable price of rent. Generally, low-rise buildings are easier to evacuate from when there is a fire or earthquake. 

Building Details

Instead of having an extending balcony, this building plan has porches that connect the two units. Each unit has a space for the living room, dining hall, kitchen, two baths, and two bedrooms. The master bedroom also measures a bit bigger compared to the other room. Meanwhile, the corners were reserved for the decks. The designs for each floor are similar. 

Best For:

This building plan is perfect for small families with one or two children. With 1,042 square feet per unit, this place has complete amenities for a standard home. Additionally, this type of building plan has exit points that are near the street and ground which is a better option when evacuating. This is also a good investment as low-rise buildings have lesser maintenance costs and high resale value. 

Link To Other 3-Story Apartment Building Plans:

4. Sample 50 unit apartment building plans

50 unit apartment building plans

Building Description:

This six-story 50-unit apartment building will soon rise at 502 Wood Street, Center City, Philadelphia. According to the Philadelphia YIMBY publication, the building features two elevators, a parking garage for 13 cars, a space for charging electric cars, and a full sprinkler system. 

Building Details:

The building plan consists of five studios, 23 one-bedroom units, and 20 two-bedroom apartments. Each room has windows directly facing the outdoors. The structure totals a footprint span of 15, 896 square feet, with 55, 470 interior space and 1000 square feet units. The estimated construction cost of the building reaches $5.55 million. 

Best For:

This design is perfect in real estate markets where there is a shortage of undersized apartments. It would also work best in states where specific law requires multi-unit apartments to have outdoor-facing windows in bedrooms. 

Link To Other 50 Unit Apartment Building Plans:

5. 60-Unit Building Plan from Stockton Design

60-Unit Building Plan from Stockton Design

Building Description

Another building plan that made it to our list is this six-story 64-unit floor plan from Stockton Design. 

One of the advantages of having this apartment is the option of living in a high-rise building with less polluted air on the top floors. Tenants also have unobstructed scenic views and plenty of natural light. Additionally, most of the high-rise apartments are located in upscale neighborhoods that allow you better access to quality services, amenities, and security.

Building Details 

This building is a six-story apartment with the lower two-story reserved for the parking garage. Meanwhile, the third up to the sixth floor have a similar floor plan layout.

The courtyard that connects to each unit’s entrance features three light wells. These light wells allow natural light to reach the hallways while reducing the necessity for electric lighting. Aesthetically, this adds a central space within the apartment and gives an illusion of having an outside view from the inside. 

This building plan also has two elevators at the center and two stairs on the side of the building. Occupants have the option to choose between 1-bedroom, 2-bedrooms, and 3-bedroom (with balcony) apartments. The building’s area spans a total of 80,000 square feet. 

Best For:

If you are a home builder, consider building high-rises in city centers. This location will then attract many tenants who are most likely working professionals looking for easy access to the city. However, it is also worth noting that apartments such as this one must include two elevators, a fire suppression system, and an earthquake-resistant structure. 

Link To Other 60-Unit Building Plans:

Bonus Blueprint: Turning a 20 Unit Apartment Building Plan into a Mega-Mansion

20 Unit Apartment Building Plan into a Mega-Mansion

Building Description:

This apartment-turned-mansion building plan was created for a five-story apartment at 50 Orange Street in Brooklyn Heights. The 20 separate dwellings underwent a massive renovation transforming them into single-family homes. 

The building was once owned by the Jehovah’s Witnesses but was later sold to the Benchmark Real Estate Group which spearheaded the renovation of the building.

Building Details:

The plan included four bedrooms, bathrooms, and powder rooms alongside a chef’s kitchen, dining room, parlor, and elevator. 

Included in the renovation were a rooftop deck, a basement and a space for either a fitness gym or a wine cellar. In total, the new house has a total of 14,000 square feet of living space.  

Best For:

This building plan is perfect for health-conscious tenants who would want a convenient place to work out. Having a residential gym in the apartment would mean that tenants don’t need to avoid busy changing rooms. They can simply return to their own flat and change there. 

Link To Other Apartment Building Plans With Additional Amenities:

Bonus Design: Modern 30 unit Apartment Building Plans

Modern 30 unit Apartment Building Plans

Building Description:

Carefully designed by Plus Architects, this modern 30-unit apartment building plan captures the perfect mix of aesthetics and functionality. 

Plus Architect is an award-winning Los Angeles-based firm for architectural design, serving thousands of clients since 1984. They specialize in mixed-use developments, commercial projects, and single-family and multi-family residential homes.

Building Details:

This 30-unit building has 29 studio-type units and one 1-bedroom apartment. Occupants can gain access to a gym on the first floor and bike storage lockers on the porch. Meanwhile, the fifth-floor rooftop deck boasts an outdoor couch, fire pit, barbecue bar counter, dining set, and planters.

The exterior walls are painted with smooth-finish white stucco with a red accent. The balconies are made of glass guardrails while the elevator shafts are designed with LED light features.

Best For:

A building plan with a rooftop deck is perfect for tenants who would love an al fresco place to hang out while in the middle of a buzzing city. Developers should also consider this design when there is not enough space for an urban garden as it will attract more customers and add resale value. 

Link To Other 30-Unit Apartment Building Samples:

Bonus Floor Plan: 12 Unit Apartment Building Plans for Residential

12 Unit Apartment Building Plans for Residentials

Building Description

This 12-unit building plan design from Stockton is a good way for newbie investors to start investing in apartments. Compared to other building plans in this list, this one has a dedicated space for in-unit laundry. It has a kitchen and dining area that is merged with the great room, allowing for more flexibility in using the space. 

Building Details:

This floor plan, also from Stockton Design, has complete amenities that are perfect for those who want to live alone. Each unit has one bedroom, a bath, laundry/powder room, a space for kitchen and dining, and a viewing deck. 

The building is a two-story apartment with stairs directly leading to the second-floor units. Each unit measures from 652 to 812 square feet. For bigger families, two special units have two bedrooms each. 

Best For:

This type of apartment building plan will be popular among small families with young children. Usually, these kids need adult supervision all the time and a great way to do this while saving money for living expenses is to choose a small apartment. This is also a good choice for landlords as it can easily be purchased and managed. 

Link to Other 2-Story Apartment Building Plans:

Apartment Building Plan Estimate Cost

Final Words

Multi-family building plans allow for separate units to fit in a single structure. This type of building is popular among new real estate investors who want to acquire many customers without having to own a lot of property. It is also cost-effective as the structure will generally have a shared foundation, one roofing, consolidated outlets, and a maximum use of space that will drastically reduce construction and maintenance costs. 

For developers to construct multi-family properties, building plans play a crucial role in the process. Building plans serve as a bird’s eye view, a directory, and a game plan on what and how the apartments will be built. It helps turn ideas into a representation before starting the procurement of materials. 

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