Unleash the Power of TogalGPT for Construction Documents & Plans

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What language is included in subcontract pertaining to waterstop?

What is TogalGPT?

Our latest integration with ChatGPT allows you to talk to your construction plans and documents for the first time ever! TogalGPT enhances document management — so construction professionals can use semantic search functionality to find relevant information across thousands of pages of plans, contracts, specification books, schedules and budgets in seconds. With hundreds of pages in construction plans, TogalGPT will help Togal.AI users save time, improve accuracy and serve as a powerful tool to eliminate mundane tasks.

With TogalGPT, Togal.AI users will be able to use natural language queries to search for information across different types of documents, such as plans, specifications, contracts, invoices, schedules, budgets and more. TogalGPT models understand the context and intent of the queries and return the most relevant results from the documents. Users will be able to access the information they need faster and easier than ever before.

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