Unleash the Power of AI for Construction Documents & Plans

A green electronic chipset.

What language is included in subcontract pertaining to waterstop?

Introducing: Togal.CHAT!

Ever wish you could "talk" to your plans? Now you can! Togal.CHAT allows you to "ask" your plans things like:

  • Can you write me an RFP based on this takeoff?
  • Find me this piece of relevant information
  • Get me these specifications, and so much more.

Togal.CHAT saves users up to 80% of the time previously used on repetitive, mundane tasks, all while improving accuracy.

This first-of-its-kind AI tool lets construction professionals search for  information across thousands of pages of documents - like plans, contracts, specifications, contracts, invoices, schedules and budgets - in seconds.

Ask Anything!

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