The ConTech Crew Podcast: How to Leverage AI & Increase Efficiency

Imagine a construction project where manual takeoffs, a tedious and time-consuming process, are a thing of the past.

In this week’s episode of The ConTech Crew interviews Patrick E. Murphy, former congressman and now CEO of Togal.AI, a company that uses AI to automate the estimating process in construction while incorporating ChatGPT to manage construction plans.

Throughout our discussion, we delve into the transformative role of AI in the construction industry, specifically Togal.AI, while highlighting its impact on current construction issues and how we can strategically leverage AI to enhance the overall efficiency of construction projects.

The ConTech Crew is a construction news podcast dedicated to keeping you up to date with all the latest in construction technology.

Listen to the full episode HERE

Key Moments & Takeaways in the Episode:

Introduction (00:00)
Meet Patrick E. Murphy and his construction journey (07:34)
How Togal.AI started and its impact on construction (10:04)
Challenges of technology adoption in construction (13:28)
How to use Togal.AI efficiently (20:40)
On leveraging generative AI to improve the industry (25:50)
How to help people understand Togal’s limitation (29:33)
Building with RENCO that lasts for hundreds of years (32:19)
How to automate estimates in bulk with Togal.AI (41:10)
Patrick’s perspective on change and AI in construction (48:07)
Construction technology news of the week (51:29)

How does the AI work in Togal's takeoff software?

Togal.AI is a complete takeoff tool built by estimators, for estimators. There are three main built-in tools that use AI to help estimators save time and money on takeoffs:

1. The Togal Button
2. AI Image Search
3. Togal.CHAT

Learn More About Our AI Features
image of Togal's application with a floorplan layout screen