Slashing Pre-Construction Costs with on NBC Miami: Innovation on 6

How are massive, complicated building projects like The Bentley Tower saving time and money during pre-construction? With the help of Togal.AI!T

Kris Anderson, host of Innovation on 6 for NBC Miami, reports: The Florida skyline is changing more rapidly than ever with the arrival of new technology, like Togal.AI.

Watch and seehow estimators and construction pros use AI-powered software to decrease the amount of time spent on tedious, repetitive takeoff tasks, and reduce the risk of human error in the process!

How does the AI work in Togal's takeoff software?

Togal.AI is a complete takeoff tool built by estimators, for estimators. There are three main built-in tools that use AI to help estimators save time and money on takeoffs:

1. The Togal Button
2. AI Image Search
3. Togal.CHAT

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image of Togal's application with a floorplan layout screen