Florida AI Construction Tech Start-Up Togal.AI Now in the Marketplace

Contact: Preston Rudie


Florida AI Construction Tech Start-Up Togal.AI Now in the Marketplace

MIAMI, FLORIDA – Artificial Intelligence construction technology start-up Togal.ai is generating significant buzz as it enters the marketplace. Following months of beta testing and sampling by more than two dozen general contractors and trade partners, Togal’s software, which revolutionizes the estimating process in construction, is now available and getting great reviews.

“We are excited to see that Togal.ai found a way to automate take-offs in a way that will allow our team to focus on scoping, pricing, and value engineering,” said David Zorrilla, Vice President of Pre-Construction Services at KAST Construction. “This could be the biggest innovation in estimating in my 20 years in the industry. Usually when we demo a software, there are a lot of pros and cons to consider. After demo of Togal.ai, the only question was, “How soon can we start using it?”

Using AI, Togal automates the estimating process, which includes calculating each room’s square footage to accurately price the cost of construction. Typically, estimators do this manually with rollers and rulers, or with a click and drag of a computer mouse. Plans for major projects can be hundreds of pages, taking weeks to complete. Togal can finish those jobs in mere seconds.

“We have worked with most of the legacy estimating software available, and we are excited about new startups like Togal.AI that automates the takeoff process and improves efficiency,” added Patrick Mc Gowan, CEO of Mc Gowan Builders. “With today’s busy marketplace and tight labor force, our industry is forced to do more with less. Being able to rely on new technologies like Togal.AI will allow us to focus on more significant tasks like value engineering and pricing.”

Togal will increase the performance of estimators and provide them with insights into their project space efficiencies. This will allow estimators to spend more time helping their clients save money and build better jobs, thus increasing their win rate. Togal is the ultimate tool to augment the human estimator and allow them to do more with less.

Shaun Blackburn, Senior Director and Board Member at Gardiner & Theobold, says, “GT spends a tremendous amount of time and resources performing detailed take offs and welcomes any new technology to speed up the process and improve the accuracy. Having used Togal.AI, we believe this will drastically improve our efficiency.”

Togal has been featured in Engineering News-Record (ENR), Construction Executive, the South Florida Business Journal, Florida Construction News, Construction Equipment Guide, Cafecito Talk with Miami Mayor Francis Suarez and other outlets and publications.

Learn more about Togal.AI by visiting the company’s website www.togal.ai 

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How does the AI work in Togal's takeoff software?

Togal.AI is a complete takeoff tool built by estimators, for estimators. There are three main built-in tools that use AI to help estimators save time and money on takeoffs:

1. The Togal Button
2. AI Image Search
3. Togal.CHAT

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