eTakeoff and Togal.AI Announce Partnership

Lafayette,CO (January 19, 2023) – eTakeoff,a leading provider in takeoff software for construction estimating, todayannounced its partnership with Togal.AI, a fast-growing company bringingartificial intelligence to the construction industry. The partnership willintegrate Togal.AI’s innovative artificial intelligence and machine learningtechnologies with eTakeoff Dimension, the industry veteran’s flagship product.

“eTakeoff wasfounded on the belief that estimators shouldn’t have to sacrifice speed foraccuracy,” said Curtis Peltz, CEO of eTakeoff. “We’ve always been at theforefront of takeoff technology, ensuring our customers have the best availabletools to deliver faster and more accurate estimates. By integrating Togal.AIwith eTakeoff Dimension we are able to offer one of the most powerful andcomplete takeoff solutions on the market.”

eTakeoffDimension, an award-winning electronic takeoff solution, has been trusted bytop estimators for more than 20 years. It is a complete electronic viewer andPDF takeoff software solution for estimators across all constructiondisciplines.

Togal.AI furtherenhances eTakeoff Dimension’s robust capabilities. It automates the estimatingprocess, which includes measuring the size of each room’s square footage aswell as wall lengths and object counts. Typically, estimators do this manuallywith rollers and rulers, or with a click and drag of a computer mouse. However,Togal.AI’s algorithm uses AIA measurement standards to automatically detect,label, and measure project spaces in mere seconds. Plans that once took weeksto complete can now be completed in minutes.

While Togal.AIprovides immediate gains in time savings, accuracy, and efficiency, it getseven better with use. Its machine learning engine remembers edits andanticipates corrections, so projects will become more tailored to the needs ofthe user. Freeing estimators of more tedious and time-consuming tasks empowersthem to be more strategic, helping their clients save money and build betterjobs.

“As constructionfirms navigate unprecedented challenges, they are always looking for ways to domore with less, and Togal.AI delivers” said Patrick E. Murphy, CEO andco-founder of Togal.AI. “Our cutting-edge takeoff technology paired with thedeep construction backgrounds Togal and eTakeoff bring to the table puts us ina unique position to best serve the needs of the industry.”

An early pioneerin the electronic takeoff software space, eTakeoff continues to innovate andraise the bar for estimating accuracy and efficiency standards. eTakeoff haslong championed seamless integrations with best-in-class industry solutions tofurther streamline and automate the estimating process.

Togal.AI is a rising star in constructiontechnology, winning several startup competitions and awards, and garneringindustry and media attention along the way. The technology is trusted byhundreds of the industry’s top general contractors and has been featured in anumber of prominent outlets and publications, including Engineering News-Record(ENR), The Real Deal, Construction Executive, and the South Florida BusinessJournal. To learn more about Togal.AI’s innovative technology, visit thecompany’s website To learn more abouteTakeoff’s industry-leading solutions for estimators, visit


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