ChatGPT to Power Up Construction with AI

Chatbot phenomenon ChatGPT looks set to become part of the construction industry, with its artificial intelligence now allowing contractors to talk to their plans.

Furthermore, their plans will talk back tothem.

The announcement was made by Togal.AI aconstruction technology business that produces estimating software.

Togal.AI has launched OpenAI ChatGPT, a systemintended to enhanced document management.

The company says the system allowsconstruction professionals to use semantic search functionality to quicklyaccess information across thousands of pages of, for example, plans,specification books, schedules and budgets.

Time-saving technology

According to Togal.AI, the artificialintelligence within ChatGPT allows it to understand the context of naturallanguage queries put to it by construction professionals, then deliver the mostrelevant results from relevant documents.

Patrick Murphy Togal.AI Founder and CEO said,“We see great potential for ChatGPT in the construction industry and we’re proud to be one of the first to use it.

“It is incredible to see our teams literally talk to their plans and have their plans respond back with answers instantly.With hundreds of pages in construction plans, ChatGPT will help Togal.AI users save time, improve accuracy and serve as a powerful tool to eliminate mundane tasks, so estimators can focus on higher-value jobs.”


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