AI in Construction Has Biggest Growth Ever in 2023


Contact: Karen Pinkston, Catalyst Communications Group

AI in Construction Has Biggest Growth Ever in 2023

PHOTOS: 5 Top AI-Assisted Projects of the Year from Togal.AI

MIAMI—Artificial Intelligence in construction saw its biggest expansion ever in 2023 as companies adopted the technology to finish construction projects faster and more affordably, amid record high material prices and labor shortages.

Today, Togal.AI is revealing some of the top construction projects in 2023, which used its artificial intelligence technology to speed up the job and keep down costs. This year, Togal.AI is reporting 940 percent growth—going from 250 users in 2022 to more than 2,600 users in 2023—with some of the largest construction companies across the nation using its AI tools.


“2023 will be remembered as the year that AI in construction took off with widespread adoption,” said Patrick Murphy, Togal.AI Founder and CEO. “Robots aren’t building high rises, but artificial intelligence is speeding up normally time-consuming, expensive, and repetitive processes in construction. We’re seeing a wave of construction companies embracing it, so they can become more efficient, cutting timelines and costs.”

Togal.AI is an award-winning cloud-based platform that uses custom computer vision AI models to automate takeoffs in construction. It can automatically detect, measure, compare and label project spaces and features on architectural drawings with 97%+ accuracy.

Estimators at Coastal Construction, the largest general contractor in Florida, used Togal.AI to cut their workload by 40 percent—saving about $1 million and 10,000 hours of work in a year’s time. Togal.AI was also first to bring ChatGPT to construction—allowing workers to verify construction plans and find answers in hundreds of pages of documents instantly by simply typing the question into their phones.

Here is a look at some of 2023’s projects that got their start with artificial intelligence with Togal.AI.

  1. One West Palm, West Palm Beach, FL (PHOTO ATTACHED)
    Total Flooring had an extremely short time period to get a bid out on the One West Palm project. But with Togal.AI, they completed the takeoffs accurately for a 30-story highrise much faster. Without the use of artificial intelligence software, the Total Flooring team says they couldn’t have finished this bid in time.

  2. The Bentley Residences by Dezer Development, Miami, FL (PHOTO ATTACHED)

Coastal Construction used Togal.AI to complete the takeoff on the stunning Dezer Development’s Bentley Residences. With Togal’s new feature of cloud-based sharing, contractors can instantly share construction plans with a simple email invite—keeping the many subcontractors, engineers, architects and diverse crews working together informed. It’s kind of like the Google Docs for construction. Construction professionals are saving time by editing plans in the cloud, so everyone sees the updates and costly mistakes are avoided.

  1. Natiivo, Miami, FL (PHOTO ATTACHED)

At the new Natiivo in Miami, Total Flooring won the bid to do all the flooring and tile work on the KAST Construction project, and they’re grateful for artificial intelligence help. With Togal.AI, they finished the bid much faster, winning the opportunity to work on this massive project, with 10 levels and about 35,000 square feet. With amenities like a state-of-the-art spa, pool deck and bars, Togal.AI was used to estimate every single piece of material needed.

  1. Ritz Carlton Residences, Tampa, FL (PHOTO ATTACHED)

The new Ritz Carlton Residences in Tampa boast an exterior façade composed of highly reflective glass and light smooth stucco. The slabs for the terraces are cut in a manner that forms a wave-like pattern across the elevations facing the waterfront. With Togal.AI, the preconstruction planning was finished much faster, allowing for a groundbreaking this fall.

  1. Esplanade at Aventura, Aventura, FL (PHOTO ATTACHED)

      Total Flooring is working with VCC Construction on Esplanade at Aventura. With 22,000 square feet of exterior tile, Total Flooring        used Togal.AI to automatically estimate the amount of materials needed in record timing. As Togal grows, the features keep getting        better, making the process much more streamlined, the Total Flooring team said.

About Togal.AI: Based in Miami, Florida, Togal.AI is one of the fastest-growing construction technologies, with thousands of users from some of the world’s largest contractors. Named by the South Florida Business Journal as a top startup to watch in 2023, Togal also won The Big 5 Global Construction Pitch Competition in Dubai, AGC Innovation of the year in 2023 and Miami’s eMergeAmericas Startup competition judged by Shark Tank’s Kevin O’Leary. The company was featured on the EntrepreneurTV show Elevator Pitch, selected for Venture Atlanta, and has made BuiltWorlds’ Pre-Construction 50 List two years in a row, which names the hottest construction-tech companies in the world.


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Togal.AI is a complete takeoff tool built by estimators, for estimators. There are three main built-in tools that use AI to help estimators save time and money on takeoffs:

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