Multiple Tab Facilitation

Work on two takeoffs at the same time with our multiple tab facilitation. Users can have multiple tabs in Togal.AI open with different revisions of a plan, or two different plans, or even uploading plans while working on a takeoff. This allows you to be as productive as ever with everything working in parallel.

Unlimited Project Upload and Storage

Get unlimited project storage with Togal.AI. You read that right… unlimited.

Pre-set Company Takeoff Classification Libraries

With Togal.AI's classification library feature, users can pre-set their standard frequent classifications (conditions) one time and apply them across all their jobs. You can even clone from a previous job!

Quick Uploading and Processing

Our drawing uploading and processing is the fastest there is. Between the power of the cloud and AI, we offer unbeatable speeds.

Sharing of Plans and Takeoffs

Share your plans and takeoff in Togal.AI with other team members, subcontractors, suppliers, owners, etc.

AI-driven Image Search

Instantly search and identify any object in the plans. You might have heard of something like this before… but you guessed it, we made it better than ever done before!

Customized Exporting

Users can export multiple projects at a time. You can even add multipliers for typical floors, units or buildings. Don’t like the template? Togal.AI provides an easy to use interface to customize the export that works best for your company. You can even export multiple takeoffs from multiple users at once.

Togal.CHAT - "talk" with your project documents

Our first-of-its-kind Togal.CHAT tool allows you to "talk" to your construction plans and documents for the first time ever! Togal.CHAT enhances document management — so construction professionals can search & find relevant information across thousands of pages of plans, contracts, specification books, schedules and budgets in seconds.

Cutting-edge Manual Takeoff Features

We have all the same tools you would expect in a takeoff solution, but we’ve made them even better! We can highlight our split tool if you want. The split tool allows you to quickly split an area into two sections, as opposed to erasing and redrawing the two separate areas.

In-app Training and Tutorials

Togal.AI has a dedicated customer success manager for all users and a help center you can access anytime with tons of tutorials and videos.

Innovative Document Management

Advanced projects and drawings management creating centralized location for all your company takeoff data that provides business insights

Smart Pasting

Our smart pasting feature allows users to paste in a row or column repeatedly, rather than clicking and pasting continually. Users can paste in a set row or column multiple times with just one click.

Automatic Drawing Naming

Quickly identify page names and numbers to help name your drawings super fast. Watch all of the pages in your plans get named in a matter of seconds. Help organize your drawings and save even more time.

Intuitive Drawing Comparison

Instantly compare drawing sets or revisions to identify and quantify any changes made.

Cloud-based Web Application

Togal.AI is a modern, secure, high-performance cloud-based solution that gives you access anywhere and anytime. You also get automatic access to new features and updates.

Advanced AI Takeoff Functionality

AI-automated area and wall takeoff, AI-automated classifications and counts