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Introducing TogalGPT Prompt Library: Your Construction Planning Assistant 🏗️💡

Get ready to revolutionize your construction planning process with TogalGPT! Powered by advanced AI, TogalGPT is your go-to virtual assistant specific to construction. Unlock efficiency and accuracy in your projects today. Check out some prompts below that TogalGPT can easily tackle for you, with over 1,400 questions asked on TogalGPT and counting! Try TogalGPT today and experience the future of construction planning. 

What language is included in subcontract pertaining to waterstop?

What type of flooring does this job call for?

Where is the wall tile on this project?

Where is the storm drain located?

What's Joe's Drywall contract duration?

What is the square footage?

What is the address?

List all the door hardware needed. 

What type of light fixture is used indoors?

What are the 8” metal studs used for?

What size steel studs are used in this building?

Who is the architect for this project?

What flooring specs are included in the spec book?

What is the roof made out of?

What page is the fence detail?

Is there a pool?

What type of insulation does this project call for?

How many doors are in this project?

What type of doors are used?

What is the waterproofing scope?

Summarize the mechanical notes. 

What trades are required for scope of work?

What sheet states XXXX?

Is there a gas connection?

What plumbing fixtures are called for?

Provide more information on the interior paint. 

How many wall types are there?

What is the ceiling finish in the bathroom?

Is bonding required on this project?

What are the warranty requirements?

Are there fire extinguisher cabinets on this project?

What window shades are on this project?

What type of foundation is being recommended?

What type of stucco is being recommended?

What material are the cabinets made of?

What are the most important things that the general contractor should know about this job?

What type of sprinkler system is required? 

What are the drywall and firewall requirements?

What type of flooring is used on the second floor?

What is the floor finish in the elevator?

Where is the ADA list/requirements listed?

What finish is the closet shelving?

Where is the carpet located?

What mechanical piping is painted?

What is the steel contractor scope of this project?

Are there DCI requirements for the ready mix?

What is the tile on the project?

Is there any vinyl flooring?

How high are the ceilings?

Provide a summary of concrete steel specifications. 

Provide a summary of structural steel specifications. 

What is the scale?

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