Togal.AI Now Available on Bluebeam

Contact: Preston Rudie 

Togal.AI Now Available on Bluebeam

MIAMI, FLORIDA – Togal.AI’s revolutionary software, which automates the estimating process in construction, is now available on Bluebeam. Togal uses artificial intelligence (AI) to calculate each room’s square footage to accurately price the cost of construction. Estimators typically do this manually with rollers and rulers, or with antiquated software where the user clicks and drags a computer mouse over each area, object and line to quantify and label it. Plans for major projects can be hundreds of pages, taking weeks to complete. Togal can finish those jobs in mere seconds and it’s getting great reviews.

“Bluebeam prides itself on providing smart digital tools to give construction teams the ability to get the job done faster and more efficiently. is made to do just that, and we are excited to offer this innovative technology and see it take off,” said Bluebeam -----official.

“Togal is changing the face of construction by allowing teams to finish plans more quickly to break ground sooner,” said Togal CEO Patrick Murphy. “Crews are giving Togal rave reviews because they love the efficiency and cutting costs. The estimating process was so time consuming, but now it’s automated and highly accurate.”

Togal will increase the performance of estimators and provide them with insights into their project space efficiencies. This will allow estimators to spend more time helping their clients save money and build better jobs, thus increasing their win rate. Togal is the ultimate tool to augment the human estimator and allow them to do more with less.

“After spending two years developing Togal, it’s exciting to see its real impact,” added Murphy. “Bluebeam opens the door for more companies to access and take advantage of Togal. It’s revolutionizing the estimating process.”

Togal has been featured in Engineering News-Record (ENR), The Real Deal, Construction Dive, Construction Executive, the South Florida Business Journal, Florida Construction News, Construction Equipment Guide, Constructech, Tribe, Cafecito Talk with Miami Mayor Francis Suarez and other outlets and publications.  

Learn more about Togal.AI by visiting the company’s website 

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