Frequently Asked Questions

How can Togal.AI help increase estimator productivity?

Togal.AI can eliminate as much as 80% of the manual takeoff process, saving estimators a significant amount of time.

Can I try Togal.AI first?

Book a custom demo with us to try Togal.AI.

Does Togal.AI have an API?

Yes. Please contact us or book a demo for more info about our API.

How accurate is Togal.AI?

Togal.AI can automate project takeoffs with 98% accuracy. Our AI learns from corrections made and gets better over time.

What file types can I upload to Togal.AI?

Our AI can process almost any industry standard drawing format, including PDF, JPEG, PNG, and TIFF.

How much does Togal.AI cost?

Please book a demo with our team to receive a quote.

Book a custom demo of Togal.AI

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